Review of Environmental Factors - overview report in 2 days (guaranteed)


Save time and money with a SiteREF report from EMAP Consulting

EMAP Consulting offer a SiteREF service where we do the legwork in querying the most recently available spatial databases at the location of a chosen site and generate a report to inform a Review of Environmental Factors (REF).

The intention of this service is to provide an overview of the environmental constraints on a site, to help you determine the viability of the undertaking of an activity to be approved. It does not constitute a full REF or development approval as it does not consider the type of development proposed to be carried out on the site.

This service is offered as time saving and cost-effective solution for your REF spatial component needs.

Information inclusions:

  • State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) that apply to the site
  • LEP zoning, soil landscapes, BioNet vegetation communities
  • search of NSW BioNet Atlas for threatened flora and fauna species within a defined radius of the site
  • search of EPBC Protected Matters database for Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) within a defined radius of the site
  • basic search of AHIMS database for presence of Aboriginal sites or places within a defined radius of the site

The report is supplied in PDF format and includes maps of the site with any environmental constraints identified.

  • Timeframe: Guaranteed 2 business days turnaround
  • Pricing: $1,500 plus GST

Please enquire if your site is larger than 1km x 1km or if you would like the spatial data supplied in GIS or spreadsheet format.

Contact us via our website for more information: http://emapconsulting.com.au/products

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