Australasian Bat Night - March, April & May 2018


Hold your own event!

Australasian Bat Night is happening again in 2018

Australasian Bat Night is a public awareness programme aiming to educate people about bats, to raise the profile of bats and debunk the myths and fears, to achieve better conservation outcomes and assist people to live with bats.

Australasian Bat Night is getting bigger and better! Nearly 100 events throughout Australia and New Zealand occurred during 2017 as bat specialists again teamed up with community and local government groups to raise awareness of bats, with some events attracting 100, 300 and even 500+ participants!

Help make 2018 even better!

The Australian Bat Society invites local government, community and environmental and individuals to register events and activities for Australasian Bat Night 2018. Please consider holding a Bat Night event this year and promoting the program to your colleagues, friends and family and networks.

What can you do for Bat Night?

  • Add a batty element to your event this autumn.
  • If you run regular events (eg daily bat talk at a wildlife park, happening during Bat Night months), please badge it as part of Australasian Bat Night.
  • If you have already completed your program of events for March to May and have a night walk or other event planned, such as a nest box project, why not add a bat dimension to this to celebrate Australasian Bat Night. Team up with a bat expert and detect for bats at night, watch an evening flyout of flying-foxes or build a bat box.  ABS can provide speakers and guides for your event.

Need help?

  • If you haven’t given a presentation before or don’t think you have enough knowledge, we can help you. The ABS Bat Facts, which we send out to all registered events, is a great way to give out factual information on bats.
  • We also have Bat Night presentation templates to help you, and can help source extra photos. You can download kids’ batty activities and ideas for bat games from the ABS website.
  • And don’t forget to register your event to batnight@ausbats.org.au

For more information, visit the Australasian Bat Night website

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